To eliminate damaging static buildup in the production area, we created the REEL-e™. The REEL-e™ improves label/die cut part spools for feeders and auto-apply machines. These recyclable and 100% RoHS compliant reels are made from an electro-static dissipative plastic material that aids in the elimination of static build-up. The reels now allow increased flexibility during production to ensure that the final product will meet all specifications.


  • Available for a wide array of automation systems
  • Perfect for static reduction


  • Precision die-cutting
  • Quick release film liners, anti-static dissipative and dust-free
  • Robust design
  • Automatically places labels using existing pick-and-place equipment
  • On machine placement similar to any other feeder
  • Maximum label placement accuracy
  • Flexible solutions for circuit board applications
  • Saves time and money with low maintenance costs
  • Optimal performance when used with Idencto REEL-e™ label spools and quick release liners