Agency Approved Material Portfolio

We are committed to maintain an extensive library of UL/cUL and CSA recongnized and certified label material constructions

Identco’s TTL™ 300 series labels are cost-effective UL/CSA recognized products for nameplates, rating plates, serialized barcode, and instructional labels used on smooth surfaces. Contact an Identco Application Engineer for recommendations on alternative materials for powder coated surfaces. Download TTL™ 300 data sheets with complete sizes and specifications.

To achieve optimal print quality and UL/CSA recognition, Identco’s TTL™ 300 series labels have been thoroughly tested and qualified to match a TTRR™ series ribbon. UL/CSA recognitions are contingent upon printing with the appropriate Identco material and TTRR™ ribbon combination specified by the testing at Underwriters Laboratory and Canadian Standards Association. The label material and the appropriate TTRR™ series ribbon provide lifelong product identification.


  • Economical nameplates, rating plates, serialized barcode, and instructional labels
  • Lifelong product identification


  • Thermal transfer printable
  • 10 stock sizes


  • Labels shipped within 48 hours
  • Reduce potential waste and inventory costs
  • High performance polyester labels
  • Quality is ASSURED