Technical Data Sheets

Label Materials
CP2007/TA467 Gloss Clear Polyester Film
CP2007/TA1510 Gloss Clear Polyester
CP6011 Clear Velvet Textured Polyester
CP6600 Clear Velvet Textured Polyester
L194 Matte Clear Polyester Overlaminating Film
L199 Gloss Clear Polyester with Removable Adhesive
L213(P) Chrome Polyester
L214(P) Chrome Polyester
OL1000 Clear Polyester Overlaminating Film
OL1000(P) Gloss Clear Polyester Overlaminating Film
OL1001(P) Clear Polyester Overlaminating Film
OL5YOD Outdoor Polyester
PT628FR 2 Mil Flame-Retardant Polyester Tape
TT700 Gloss White Polyester
TT700MGL Gloss White Polyester
TT700MX Gloss White Polyester
TT700P Gloss White Polyester
TT700P/TT720 Matte White Composite Film
TT700(P) Gloss White Polyester
TT701 Matte White Polyester
TT702B Gloss White Polyester with Removable Adhesive
TT703 Matte Platinum Polyester
TT704/L194 Matte White Composite
TT704/OL1000 Gloss White Composite
TT704(P) Gloss White Polyester
TT710P Gloss White “VOID” Polyester
TT711 Gloss White “VOID” Polyester
TT712 Matte Silver “VOID” Polyester
TT713 Tamper Evident Checkerboard Matte Silver Polyester
TT720 Matte Clear Polyester
TT723 Gloss White Polyester
TT724 Gloss Silver Polyester
TT725 Semi-Satin White Polyester
TT730 Gloss Silver Polyester
TT730P Gloss Platinum Polyester
TT732 Gloss Clear Polyester
TT734(P) Gloss Platinum Polyester
TT740 Matte Silver Polyester
TT741 Matte Silver Polyester
TT748 Matte White Polyester
TT756 Gloss White Polyester
TT759 Gloss White Opaque Polyester
TT760 Gloss White Polyester
TT760P Gloss White Polyester
TT760P/TT764 Gloss White Composite
TT762 Matte Platinum Polyester
TT763 Gloss Clear Polyester
TT764 Printable Gloss Clear Polyester
TT770 Gloss White ESD Polyester
TT771 Gloss Black Polyester
TT772 Matte Black Polyester
TT784 Gloss Clear Polyester
TT791 Clear Polyester Overlaminating Film
DuraLabel/TransAdhesive/TT723 Composite Subsurface Printable Clear Polyester
Technical Information
Standard Label Manufacturing Tolerances
Production Art File Standards